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Allume Energy Expands to Illinois: Advancing Solar Access and Housing Affordability

In a detailed article by Huzair Latif for The Deal, Allume Energy's efforts to bring solar technology to multifamily apartments across the United States are brought to the forefront. The piece emphasizes our strategic expansion into Illinois and how our SolShare technology is positioned to address the affordable housing crisis.

Our Solution

SolShare has transformed the way solar energy is distributed within multifamily housing complexes. Unlike traditional solar setups, SolShare allows for a single network of solar panels to serve entire apartment buildings, bypassing the need for individual unit installations.
This not only reduces costs significantly but also enhances energy efficiency, paving the way for a greener future.

From Florida to Illinois: A Strategic Shift

Following our achievements in Orlando, Florida, and Jackson, Mississippi, Illinois has emerged as the next target in our expansion strategy. This move is motivated by our analysis of energy burdens across the U.S., identifying Illinois as a region where our technology can make a substantial impact. It aligns with our broader goal of enhancing energy security while contributing to the affordable housing solution.

Aliya Bagewadi, U.S. Director of Strategic Partnerships at Allume Energy, sheds light on the strategic decision to extend our solar technology to Illinois, marking it as the next significant step in our expansion. Bagewadi emphasizes, "When thinking about future projects, we tend to think about places that don’t already have solar energy. Now, we’re looking at Illinois as our next region of expansion. We’re focusing on building relationships with property owners and other potential customers to expand the business," Bagewadi explained.

"We started in the southeast U.S. with our existing projects in Jackson, Miss., and Orlando, Fla., because the largest energy burdens are there. When thinking about future projects, we tend to think about places that don’t already have solar energy. Now, we’re looking at Illinois as our next region of expansion."

This approach reflects Allume Energy’s commitment to filling gaps in the solar market and strengthening its business foundation through strategic partnerships and customer engagement. 


Addressing the Affordable Housing Crisis in Multifamily Units

Our expansion into Illinois underscores a broader commitment to mitigate the affordable housing crisis via sustainable energy initiatives. SolShare doesn’t just promise reduced energy bills; it's a catalyst for enhancing the economic sustainability of housing. Aliya Bagewadi’s discussions, as featured in The Deal, highlight the critical role of renewable energy in fostering housing affordability.

Looking Ahead

Venturing into Illinois signifies a milestone in our mission to democratize renewable energy. Targeting underserved areas and capitalizing on SolShare technology, we’re laying the groundwork for a future where sustainable living and affordable housing converge. Our efforts hope to yield many more installations across the globe.

Stay tuned for more updates on our expansion across the US!

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